September 30, 2018 6:32 pm

ANALYST: For The Next Market Cycle, It’s Time To Do The Exact Opposite

Some interesting thoughts here from BofA quant strategist Savita Subramanian on what will work, investment-wise, during the next market cycle. Her basic argument: ever since the tech bubble, the leaders have been credit-reliant companies, and consumer-oriented companies whose business models are predicated on cheap credit. In the next leg, the winners will be companies with […]

Last Month, Goldman Sachs Quietly Retired A Legendary Investment Strategy

Peter Lynch is known as something of a legend in the mutual fund industry. The stock-picking guru was responsible for 29% annualized returns as the manager of Fidelity’s Magellan Fund from 1977 to 1990, which he took from $18 million in assets under management to more than $14 billion in that 13-year span. Lynch popularized […]

The Flux And Flow Of The US Housing Market

US housing market

The country’s housing market had been the talk of the town since September when contracts to purchase previously owned US houses fell by greatest degree in more than the last three years. This served as a clear indicator that the softer economy and the subsequent rise in mortgage rates are hurting the US housing market. […]

What You Need to Know About Oil Investing

Investments in potential ideas and stocks can work both with and against a person if they do not take the proper precautions. Before investing in any product, it is wise to consult a broker.   Investing in Oil When it comes to foreign or local investments, oil tends to be one of the more predominant […]

Africa: The Next Market

African economic outlook

Are you planning to invest in one the fastest emerging markets of the world? Then, it is the time to think about Africa. South Africa is now no more a secret place promising as the emerging market. The even better news is that the sub-Saharan Africa has been recently added in the BRIC club as […]

Gold: To Invest Or Not To Invest?

Invest in gold

Gold investment is something always talks about various opinions. A lot of people claim that gold is the ultimate store of value that has withstood against all odds for over a millennium, and will continue to stand when the world’s economy collapses under the overbearing weight of its own debt. Other opinion corroborates with John […]

Three Wall Street Strategists Explain What Investors Are Missing Right Now

  Today we’re at the Big Picture Conference, a day-long event put on by Ritholtz Wealth Management. Ritholtz’s Josh Brown just closed up a group of panelists (all Chief Strategists at their respective firms) with this question - what are investors missing from the big market narrative right now According to Brown, here’s what we think […]

How the Global Market Welcomes the New Mobile Manufacturers

New mobile manufacturers

The generation today is witnessing an exciting transformation among all the small US manufacturers of mobile phones. In addition to that, a lot of new mobile manufacturers are jumping into the mix giving customers a comprehensive range of choices in terms of quality, price as well as features. For example, you might have heard about […]

India’s Economic Outlook for the Current Fiscal Year

Indian Fiscal Year

The falling rupee, policy paralysis and rising crude oil prices have all added to India’s woes in the past year. This has resulted in growth projections being curtailed to 5.3% from the earlier 6.4% that was estimated earlier. The growing fiscal deficit is also a huge issue that needs to be dealt with. The Economic […]

The Return of Groupon

via Wired On Thursday, September 12 Groupon stock closed near its 52- week high at $11.76, it’s market cap is above $8 billion and it’s set to make one of 2013’s unlikely comebacks since bottoming out in November 2012. Under ex-CEO Andrew Mason, 80% of Groupon’s value was shed during the first nine months of […]

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