January 26, 2019 4:52 am

Six Years Later, The Biggest Leveraged Buyout Deal In History Faces Spectacular Failure

Right before the financial crisis hit, private equity firms were doing leveraged buyouts of companies here, there, and everywhere. After the crisis, however, some of those deals didn’t go anywhere, and the turn-arounds that were intended never materialized. Now, Bloomberg reports, we may be about to see the biggest LBO deal in history go south. […]

David Einhorn Slammed The Dell Deal During His Apple Conference Call Yesterday

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Hedge fund manager David Einhorn had some sharp words on Thursday for both Dell Incand founder Michael Dell on his plan to take the company private. Einhorn, who has mounted a campaign to get Apple Incto share more of its $137 billion cash pile, used the leveraged buyout of Dell as […]

Some Penguins Got To Sit In On A Meeting At Blackstone

Private equity giant Blackstone Group had two friendly penguin visitors from SeaWorld in their offices yesterday afternoon.  Here’s  photo of the pair of birds attending a meeting in a conference room that Blackstone Tweeted.   The penguins, who both got to shake hands with Blackstone’s billionaire CEO Steve Schwarzman, pooped on the floor and on a […]

FED TRANSCRIPTS FROM 2007: Janet Yellen Warns The FOMC About The Private Equity Bubble

The Federal Reserve just released transcripts to all of its meetings from 2007, the year the U.S. housing market took a turn for the worse and the economy entered recession. By the time the FOMC met in March, economic data had begun to weaken, and stocks and mortgage markets were starting to look shaky. The […]

Two Adorable Penguins Visited Blackstone’s Offices Yesterday And Pooped Everywhere

These two adorable penguins visited private equity giant Blackstone’s offices in New York yesterday and pooped on the carpet and a conference table, according to DealBook‘s Michael De La Merced. During their visit, the pair of birds from SeaWorld also got to meet the leader of their parent company, Steve Schwarzman, and shake his hand. […]

The Real Problem With Dell Is Very Simple: Michael Dell

As of yesterday, Dell and private equity firms Silver Lake and TPG were still just talking about a massive deal to take the company private. Now Fortune reports that TPG has walked away. That leaves Silver Lake to figure out how it could take on the biggest leveraged buy-out Wall Street has seen since before […]

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