February 11, 2015 8:53 pm

Hire Me Please! Simple Resume Tips To Help Increase Your Chances Of Claiming the Perfect Job


Putting together an effective resume is one of the single most important first steps in claiming a good job. There are so many ways to build a resume, however, that identifying the most effective can be challenging. Throw in the possibility of little to no experience and this can be one of the most confusing [...]

Need a Great Job? Here Are Some of the Top Companies To Work For In 2014


The Great Recession of 2007 can still be felt in many areas around the globe, not least of which is right here in our own county. Millions of people the country over are still trying to dig themselves out of the hole that resulted from it in many different ways. One of the most important [...]

Looking For an Interesting and Rewarding Career In a Unique Place? Work Overseas!


While our economic outlook has unarguably brightened in the past couple of years, it is still somewhat of a bear to find a decent job. While this may be true here in the United States, have you ever given thought to the possibility of working overseas? According to a study performed by the State Department [...]

Summer-Time Efficient Energy Saving Tips

Summer-time Efficient Energy Saving Tips

According to the Department of Energy and Water Supply, many Americans live in homes that work against them, rather than with it. As a result, the homes are unable to cope well with seasonal change in weather. Some seasons are either too cool or too hot, making it expensive to run the homes. In addition, [...]

Realizing Affordable Healthcare: The Advent of Medical Billing


The cost of Healthcare today is driven by many complex contributing factors — the high cost of pharmaceuticals, expensive new medical equipment, governmental regulations, the increasing costs of physician education, and the costs of adopting the new medical procedures and standards, which often have dramatic impacts on the costs of maintenance and upgrades to medical [...]

Confirmed: icitizens aims to strengthen American democracy with a mobile app


One of the things that make the United States a proud nation is its mature democracy, but there are some major issues it still needs to tackle. iCitizen is a startup that aims to strengthen American democracy and give you a voice to speak out about issues that are important to you. With the mobile app, [...]

The Economic Benefits of the Legalization of Marijuana


On January 1st of 2014, something happened that has never happened in any other state in our nation: the first bag of legal marijuana was sold for recreational purposes in Colorado. While medical marijuana has been around for some years now, no state or federal legislative body had ever made the leap to recreational use…until [...]

How Installing Solar Panels Can Save Money and the Environment


If I were to select one word that would best describe the way the mood of Americans is heading in terms of society and industry, it would probably be “green.” More and more Americans are sitting up and taking notice of how we treat the world we live in and are concerned with how we [...]

Does Illegal Immigration Really Negatively Impact Our Economy?


Illegal immigration has long been one of the most contested topics in our country. On the one hand, many claim that illegal immigrants take jobs away from US citizens. Others claim that these jobs are ones that no citizen would want anyway, especially at the wages paid to illegal workers. Or, the point that paying [...]

The Top Three Tax Deductions Most Commonly Missed By Filers


With tax season upon us and in full swing, people the country over are scrambling madly trying to come up with the most amount of money deductible from their state and federal taxes. Everything from the Earned Income Credit, to money spent in tandem with business activities, are all being examined as closely as possible [...]

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