December 3, 2016 5:51 am

How To Invest In Mexico

invest In Mexico

Looking at the country through an economist’s lens, Mexico’s economy can be described as mostly predictable and rarely volatile. However, the same cannot be said of Mexico’s stock and bond markets and currency. Given strong links to the United States’ economy, Mexico’s macroeconomic variables tend to move broadly in conjunction with the ups and downs […]

Can’t Pay Your Utility Bills? The Government Has Your Back!


Paying utility bills is expensive. Aside from a rent or mortgage payment, utilities are usually the most costly obligations each month, many times with them exceeding the former when combined together. This is exacerbated even further by the incredibly-cold winter we just came out of. In fact, demand for natural gas alone, the substance used […]


The fourth quarter began with the U.S. government shutting down.  As Congress continues work on a budget deal to get the government back online, the U.S. inches toward the debt ceiling once again. Meanwhile, stocks are near their all-time highs as the Federal Reserve continues to pump money into the credit markets through its large-scale […]

And Now Another Poll Shows That Obama’s Approval Is Going Down

It’s pretty clear that Obama’s post-election high is waning. A new Wapo-ABC poll confirms some other polls which show The President’s approval is on the decline, a fact that won’t help him in fights with the GOP. The first two questions concerning the poll relate directly to him. The first is general approval. The second […]

We Just Got The ‘All Clear’ Sign For The Economy

We just got a strong reading from the ISM services report. According to Dave Lutz of Stifel, Nicolaus we just got the “all clear” sign for the economy. His email to clients was “ISM New Orders Gives The ‘All Clear.’” He writes: Key component of the ISM data at 10am today was  the “new Orders” […]

SNL’s Barack Obama Eases Sequester Worries With A Lyric From ‘YMCA’

The sequester kicked in on March 1.  This is the $85 billion worth of Federal budget cuts that will ripple through the economy. The folks at Saturday Night Live tackled this issue in its cold open.  Check it out: Please follow Politics on Twitter and Facebook. Join the conversation about this story » Check out […]

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