November 29, 2020 6:09 am

A Discussion On Reddit Contains Two Terrific Insights On How Hedge Funds Operate And Beat The Market

What do hedge funds do, and how do they make money These are questions everyone wants answers to. And most people would like those answers to not be too technical. Reddit user gadela08 who claims to be a hedge fund insider provides a brief, crystal clear explanation of how hedge funds operate. 1) On securities […]

Why Tesla’s Stock Is Tanking (TSLA)

Tesla‘s stock is down over 9.5 percent after it reported a Q4 loss of $0.65 per share, which was wider than analysts expectations of a $0.53 per share loss. Tesla also said that first quarter cancellations are likely to remain elevated as people with older reservations for cars will have to “configure their vehicles within […]

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