July 22, 2016 12:31 am

OfferUp: Sell Your Items Locally with this App!


When it comes to making a quick buck or just cleaning out your closet, the go-to platforms have been eBay and Craigslist. But those can be really hit-and-miss; either you end up selling it for much less than expected, it ends up taking forever, or you have to deal with some shady people. Sure, Craigslist […]

Take control of your personal spending with Spendee

Screen Shot 2014-12-23 at 2.47.59 PM

Keeping your personal finances in line can be grueling, especially during the holidays. There are a lot of apps out there, but not many are eye-catching and fun to use. Our suggestion? Spendee! Spendee keeps your spending habits and budgets updated, with some slick color coding and graphs. But the best feature is the sync […]

Raising the Minimum Wage: One of the Most Important Financial Battles of Our Time


Living in today’s modern world requires ever-increasing sums of money. Every single expenditure category, such as food, gas, entertainment and living expenses, are all rising at a meteoric rate. Combine this with the financial crisis we have just begun pulling ourselves out of and you have a time when money is incredibly scarce for the […]

The Mint App Shows You Where All Your Money Is Going


Have you ever had the thought: “I really don’t know where all my money is going to”? Yes, most of us do. Mint is an app that might help you giving you more insight in this issue. How does it work? You can create a Mint account in a matter of minutes and link all your personal […]

Finance App: SavedPlus


Keeping track of your personal finances is the most common struggle. Anything to make this feat easier is a welcome to my lifestyle. So, finance apps are a lifesaver. We wanted to feature one app in particular, SavedPlus! SavedPlus is a free app, for iPhone and Android, that also has a web dashboard as well. […]

The Ugly Undeniable Truths About Financial Security


Financial Security is a concept that should gain traction in this economy. Your parents are either retired or are planning to retire relatively soon. Part of becoming an adult is thinking of your financial security. The Millennial generation has spent more time at home then any other generation of the 20th century. You should not count on your parents’ supporting […]

Featured Finance Startup: Mint


Our Featured Finance Startup this week is Mint, an online personal spending and budgetary tool to help track your goals, set a budget and do more with your money. In 2005, Mint founder Aaron Patzer was looking at a gruelling afternoon of accounting-type work, from poring over statements to categorizing purchases. A few hours in […]

Featured Finance Startup: Simple


  Our Featured Finance Startup this week is Simple, an online and mobile bank, bringing a modern twist to banking. They began in 2009 and finally began sending out invites in July 2012. Currently, this is an invite-only venture - so visit Simple and sign up! Simple was started out of frustration with banks. We […]

Tips for Saving Money at a Restaurant

Saving Money At a Restaurant

Eating out is an integral part of life in the United States. People take their families out to dinner, go on dinner dates with their spouses, and eat out with friends on a regular basis. These meals can range from grabbing food and drinks at a local sports bar to having a multi-course meal at […]

5 Awesome iPhone Finance Apps for Business Owners


In a world where there is an app for everything, how can finance apps be far behind? Apps to make your life easier, and to make your business life easier too! Here are some amazing finance apps on the iPhone. Debt Minder Developed by LLC, this app comes in handy in paying off any debts. […]

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